An experienced data/product analyst (3+ years, preferably for an internet or online company) with excellent business judgment, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. You always take initiative and drive projects from beginning to end with minimal guidance. You have experience in visualization (quantitative analysis in general and A/B tests in particular) and are fully proficient in SQL.
Plus, you have excellent communication skills and know how to deliver analysis results clearly and effectively.



  • See beyond numbers and take part in informing, influencing, supporting and executing business decisions.
  • Be the data & analytics lead in various projects and work closely with different teams across the company.
  • Build automated dashboards and reports to facilitate company-wide awareness and understanding of key metrics.
  • Plan, conduct and interpret the results of A/B tests in order to optimize existing features and implementing new product features.
  • Conduct customer analysis–churn, behavior, segmentation, trends, customer value and more.