• Full time/part time

Crucial requirements:

  • Python with flask/Django, SQL (Postgres)
  • NLP / ML
  • Experience in SDLC


  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL
  • Knowledge of Python
  • Experience dealing with end to end machine learning projects: data, text analytics
    exploration, feature engineering/definition, model building, performance evaluation and implementation
  • Experience in NLP — both statistical (tokenisation, part-of-speech tagging, named entity extraction) and using deep learning in application to Cyrillic (UA, RU) and EU languges

Will be a plus:

  • Good Statistical analysis skills
  • Linux/Networking experience
  • Google API experience

What we offer:

  • Competitive reward
  • Cozy office space for teamwork
  • Ambitious/disruptive project
  • Opportunity to pioneer automated tools development for professional services
  • Flexible working regime


  • Be creative and proactive
  • Be integral part of the development team
  • Be fruitful & productive in terms of delivery

Project description:

  • Semantic analysis and of scraped text in natural language in English and Russian (Ukrainian) languages. The main goal is to form brief summaries of analyzed text.
  • Human generated text cognitive analysis and knowledge extraction to automate/digitize human intensive workload. Full scope of the project is confidential and available under NDA agreement.