Our data scientists commonly have a university degree in statistics, math, data science, computer science, or economics and are required to have a wide range of technical competencies including:
– Descriptive statistics
– Machine learning
– Python / Jupyter programming/scripting
– SQL queries – Initial data analysis, data cleaning/wrangling and exploratory data analysis
– Data visualization and communication

As a distributed team, we value self-starters with a strong work ethic who communicate well across online channels.
Responsibilities for Data Scientists
● Work with project owners and stakeholders to interpret client objectives and offer data-backed solutions
● Mine and analyze data from large databases or flat files
● Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources to address client objectives
● Develop custom machine learning models across multiple applications
● Coordinate with stakeholders to implement models and monitor outcomes
● Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance, accuracy and drift
● Understand and interpret A/B testing results related to deployed models

Data Scientist – Specific Requirements
A successful data scientist has 2-4 years of experience, is confident building predictive models, uses appropriate statistical techniques to describe data distributions or communicate findings, is a proven self starter, and exhibits the following skills:
● Regularly creates and uses machine learning algorithms to solve business objectives
● Familiar with translating business objectives into (predictive) models
● Mid-level competency in standing up Flask apps for deploying data science models (a plus)
● Familiar with objective function minimization and product-driven model development
● 2+ years coding experience in Python with strong capabilities in major frameworks such as Pandas, sklearn
● Experience building data science pipelines to ingest, transform and extract value from data
● Strong capability describing data distributions using statistical methods
● Strong knowledge of SQL
● Accomplished at combining data from multiple sources by grouping/aggregation to produce desired datasets
● Expert at visualizing/presenting data for stakeholders
● Strong communication skills