• Experience with Python 3 development
  • Experience in creating parsers
  • High level of English required for free communication in an international team

Will be a plus:

  • Ability to work with semi-structured textual data
  • Experience in writing multithreaded code using parallelisms (asyncio priority, tornado or greenlets are considered as alternatives)
  • Knowledge of Avro or ProtoBuf serialisation format

What we offer:

  • Work in an international team
  • Non-standard tasks and the ability to implement data science projects
  • Decent payment, in the market or higher


  • Python developer together with Senior Data Scientist will develop a set of parsers and pipelines. This position combines the development in Python, data engineering and partly data science.


  • The position is well suited for a young but experienced specialist with a deep understanding of Python 3, who wants to understand data science and gain experience in implementing real data projects.